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"Born of the blues with a taste of southern rock and soul..."


Sweet Leah

Rock and Roll with Southern Soul


Sweet Leah is a whiskey shot with a champagne chaser. Authentic, relatable, raucous, and Rare. The best friend duo is made up of Julia Kate Snow and Haley Stevens. They are known for their head-banging, knee-sliding, hell of a high-energy live show, but their no-holds-barred lyrics and startling vocal chemistry are the driving force behind the duo’s unique sound. 


Julia Kate brings sultry vocals, dynamic harmonies, and a take-no-sh*t attitude from somewhere South’a Dallas. Her love of music may have begun with piano competitions and learning guitar from her dad, but it wasn’t until she discovered alternative rock that she truly found her passion. From sneaking into rock clubs underage in Deep Ellum, to studying production on her favorite pop-punk records, Julia Kate brings an edge to the duo that is undeniable. 


Meanwhile,  Haley Stevens was singing Sunday specials and county fairs in small-town Arkansas. She was cowboy boots, belt-buckles and hot-rollers until, at 15, her Dad took her to a Cross Canadian Ragweed show at a dive bar in Colorado. The raw sound of gritty guitars, fearlessness of southern rock lyrics, and the energy of the crowd inspired her to learn guitar and begin writing songs of her own. For 8 years she travelled back and forth to Nashville immersing herself in songwriting and performance before finally making the move for good. 


After years of pursuing solo careers, the girls formed Sweet Leah in April of 2018.  After nearly three years together, countless songs written, hours and days driving across Texas and Colorado in a 16-passenger van, 20+ hours on stage each weekend, and too-many-nights-to-count sleeping on couches and living on bar-tab dinners the girls learned how to dream hard and work harder.  


Coming off the heels of their most recent release “Thirty Three and One Third”, the girls are set to begin releasing singles from their upcoming EP “Wanted” beginning in March of 2021. 


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